Image showing the compact and sleekly designed SONOFF SNZB-04 Door/Window Sensor, designed to enhance home security and facilitate smart home setup.

SONOFF SNZB-04 Door/Window Sensor

The SONOFF SNZB-04 Door/Window Sensor is a wireless security device for your home. It can be affixed to a door or window, sending alert notifications to your mobile phone when either is opened or closed. The status of the door or window is synced with your phone, so you always know whether they are open or closed. To function, it requires a SONOFF Zigbee Bridge, and can facilitate a scene linkage of Zigbee and Wi-Fi devices, thus assisting in creating a smart home. The sensor is simple to install with the included 3M adhesive and can be used on a range of things such as drawers, garage doors and blinds.

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