The sleek and modern Sony SRS RA3000 speaker showcases its 360 Reality Audio and omnidirectional sound technology, perfect for an immersive and room-filling audio experience.

Sony SRS RA3000

Experience immersive audio like never before with the Sony SRS RA3000. Featuring 360 Reality Audio technology, this innovative speaker creates a feeling of being at a concert or in the recording studio with the artist. The ambient room filling sound diffuses both horizontally and vertically, enveloping your entire space in rich, atmospheric audio. Sony's unique algorithm and sound calibration software ensure the perfect audio settings for any room, while omnidirectional sound and deep bass are delivered through beam tweeters, an omni diffuser, and dual passive radiators. Stream your favourite tunes seamlessly with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, or enjoy voice control with compatibility for Alexa and Google Assistant. Elevate your listening experience with the Sony SRS RA3000.

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