A Sovol SV06 Plus 3D printer, showcasing its classic i3 structure, large printing volume, and all-metal direct drive extruder for precise and efficient printing.

Sovol SV06 Plus

The Sovol SV06 Plus features a classic i3 structure, with less wear and tear than 3D printers using V-slot wheels. This 3D printer offers a large printing volume of 300 × 300 × 340 mm and an all-metal hotend with a sizeable melt zone, enabling fast printing speeds up to 150 mm/s, while significantly reducing the chances of clogging. Capable of printing at temperatures up to 300℃, the SV06 Plus is equipped with a self-developed all-metal direct drive extruder that boasts a planetary dual gear set for higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, ensuring more precise extrusion. Additionally, the inductive sensor allows the printer to automatically detect and compensate for unevenness in the heated bed through 25 points.

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