Sovol SV07 Plus 3D printer showcasing its large print volume, high-resolution touch screen, and advanced extruder with cooling fan in a well-lit workspace.

Sovol SV07 Plus

The Sovol SV07 Plus is designed to cater to the needs of both hobbyists and professionals in the 3D printing community. It boasts a generous print volume of 300×300×350mm, allowing for the creation of large models or multiple small parts in one go. The printer operates on Klipper firmware, which enables it to reach speeds of up to 500 mm/s, and offers advanced features such as input shaper for enhanced precision. The 5-inch, high-resolution (480×800) touch screen provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation. Its all-metal hotend, equipped with a large melt zone, supports high flow rates between 20-30 mm³/s, and is complimented by a large rear extruder fan for rapid cooling and improved layering. The SV07 Plus is powered by a 600W power supply for stable heating performance, and its 420W heated bed heats up to 60℃ in just 90 seconds, significantly faster than many competitors. Finally, the incorporation of Sovol's self-developed Direct Drive Extruder with a planetary dual gear set ensures precise extrusion by offering a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor.

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