Sovol SV07 3D printer showcasing its large build area, touchscreen interface, and robust metal extruder against a clean, isolated background.

Sovol SV07

The Sovol SV07 is a 3D printer designed for enthusiasts looking for high-speed printing capabilities. It features a substantial print size of 220×220×250 mm and is equipped with a 480×800, 5-inch touchscreen for easy control. The printer operates on Klipper firmware, which enables impressive high-speed printing of up to 500 mm/s, though 250 mm/s is recommended for optimal results. An all-metal hotend with a large melt zone, combined with an extra-large fan at the rear of the extruder, allows for quick cooling and better layering at high speeds and temperatures. Additionally, the Sovol SV07 includes a self-developed all Metal Direct Drive Extruder with a planetary dual gear set, ensuring precise extrusion thanks to its higher drive ratio and lighter motor.

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