SunFounder 10.1 inch (ca. 26 cm) Raspberry Pi touchscreen with high-resolution display, neatly arranged cables, and multiple single board computer compatibilities, set up and ready for use

SunFounder 10.1 Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

The SunFounder 10.1 inch Touch Screen is a high-resolution LCD monitor designed for the Raspberry Pi, offering a 1280×800 pixel display that supports 10-point touch. Its true-colour image capability ensures an engaging visual experience. The screen is engineered for ease of use, featuring plug-and-play functionality with HDMI connectivity that negates the need for drivers. It is tailored for versatility with rear fixing slots that make it compatible with a range of single board computers including Raspberry Pi models, Banana Pi M5, and others. The integrated driver board simplifies wiring by providing stable power and neatly arranged cables for a tidy setup. Beyond being just a touchscreen, SunFounder offers an online tutorial for DIY case building and an array of plug-ins for creative Raspberry Pi projects.

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