An image of the SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10, a fully automated cleaning device with a Dual Station Design, a large dust collection bag, and a unique Water Station for direct plumbing connection. It features a powerful suction strength and a self-drying Roller Mop, suitable for pet owners.

SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10

The SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10 offers a fully automated cleaning solution with a Dual Station Design and a large 4L dust collection bag for up to 10 weeks of waste storage. It features a unique Water Station that connects directly to household plumbing, eliminating the need for manual refills and drainage. The S10 employs a self-drying Roller Mop and has a powerful 6500Pa suction strength, making it suitable for pet owners. It also supports multiple control methods, including voice commands via Alexa and Google Home, and can be integrated into the SwitchBot Ecosystem for enhanced home automation.

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