SwitchBot Lock installed on a door, displaying its sleek, compact design and compatibility with various lock mechanisms, with indicators for battery life and encryption status visible.

SwitchBot Lock

The SwitchBot Lock is designed for ease of installation, requiring no tools as it can be affixed with the provided 3M adhesive, though a drilling option is available for those who prefer a more permanent fitting. It is created to be highly compatible with various lock types without altering the pre-existing lock mechanism. The device offers features like auto-lock, which activates after a door has been closed for a preset duration, and Home Sharing, which allows for lock operation via the SwitchBot app and the ability to share access with family members. Security is reinforced with ATS-128-CTR encryption, and the lock's battery life is robust, lasting approximately 180 days based on an average usage of ten times per day. Integration with SwitchBot Hub Mini or Hub 2 enables voice command capabilities through smart assistants and remote operation, with the latter providing Matter compatibility for control via Apple Home.

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