A close-up view of a transparent NFC card showcasing its unique internal coils and chip structure, designed for secure data storage and versatile use with NFC-enabled devices.

Transparent NFC Cards

The Transparent NFC Cards are equipped with a genuine NTAG215 semiconductor chip, featuring 504 bytes of memory, a 13.56HMz frequency, and ISO 14443A protocol. These cards ensure secure data storage with password protection certification and offer ultra-thin design and high scanning strength. With a data retention time of over 10 years and the ability to be rewritten more than 100,000 times, these cards provide long-lasting use. The cards are made of transparent PVC with a matte surface, giving a comfortable feel and showcasing the internal coils and chip structure for a unique appearance. Compatible with Tagmo Amiibo and all NFC-enabled devices, the Transparent NFC Cards enable users to share social messages, music, and other information, as well as connect to WiFi and create smart homes for a more vibrant lifestyle.

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