Waveshare 7.5″ e-Paper Raw Panel Case with clear cover, displayed on a shelf, highlighting its compatibility with non-HAT e-Paper displays.

Waveshare 7.5″ e-Paper Raw Panel Case

The Waveshare 7.5″ (ca. 19 cm) e-Paper Raw Panel Case is designed with a side clamping feature which allows for easy mounting onto goods shelves. It's constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring both durability and flexibility. The case boasts a clear top cover that lends an elegant appearance while also keeping the e-Paper display dust-free. However, it is important to note that this particular case is incompatible with any HAT versions of the 7.5″ e-Paper displays, including 7.5″ e-Paper HAT, (B), HD (B), and (C) models.

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