A flat, rectangular Waveshare 7.5-inch E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi, with a matte black border and a white display area.

Waveshare 7.5″ E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi (800×480)

The Waveshare 7.5″ E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi (800×480) is a highly efficient, low power consumption display module. It features an ultra low power consumption design, requiring power only for refreshing. This also enables it to keep displaying the last content for a long time even when powered down. It comes with a standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, making it compatible with Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano and other controller boards like Arduino and STM32 through its SPI interface. Furthermore, it features an onboard voltage translator, making it compatible with both 3.3V and 5V MCUs.

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