An image showing the compact XDO BT802 Bluetooth dongle, equipped with a rotatable antenna, indicating its capability to offer enhanced wireless transmission and signal reception.


The XDO BT802 is a Bluetooth dongle that uses Class 1 radio technology, offering a transmission range up to 328ft (ca. 100 m) in open areas, courtesy of its extra-long antenna. This transmission power is ten times greater than a regular Bluetooth 5.0 version, providing wireless enjoyment without the constraints of distance. The device adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.1+EDR technology, supporting an enhanced Data Rate (EDR) with a transfer rate of up to 3Mbps. This dual-mode device supports Bluetooth 5.1 low energy (BLE), reducing efficiency loss due to interference, and enhancing stability and anti-interference. Additionally, the compact Bluetooth antenna can rotate 360° to maintain a stable connection and offer potent wireless transmission and signal reception from any angle.

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