A high-resolution image showing the Xiaomi Mi Flora, a sophisticated plant monitor with multiple sensors and a sleek, modern design.

Xiaomi Mi Flora

The Xiaomi Mi Flora is a comprehensive plant monitor, capable of accurately assessing light, temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels for your plants. Its extensive database features over 6,000 plants, allowing users to track and save daily growth records. This soil test kit boasts 4 stainless steel EC sensors for precise nutrient recording, with data conveniently displayed on your phone. The device's temperature/light sensor facilitates the monitoring and analysis of light and temperature conditions, with a measurable light intensity of up to 100,000LUX and temperature detection accuracy of 0.5 ℃/32.9 ℉. The long stripe sensor also helps determine soil water content, meeting the EC5 standard for Professional Soil Probes.

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