Image of Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent 2 (WX08ZM), a compact and portable device using trifluthrin tablets as a repellent agent, capable of covering a space of 28m3.

Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent 2 (WX08ZM)

The Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent 2 (WX08ZM) utilises trifluthrin tablets as a repellent agent, each of which can last up to 1080 hours or approximately 4.5 months if used for 8 hours per night. It is suitable for a space of 28m3, allowing users to place them in numerous locations depending on the size of the space. The device ensures uniform volatilisation of the repellent through the rotation of its built-in fan. It offers two power supply modes: it can either be powered by two AA batteries or directly through a USB-C interface.

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