You can now update devices through the Home Assistant Dashboard

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With Home Assistant Core 2022.4, the developers are introducing another new and exciting entity in to our favourite Home Automation software: update entities. There's not much to say about these entities, but they will make life easier for those that want to control everything from one central application. Using the update entity, services such as WLED running on an ESP8266 or ESP32, Pi-hole, and Synology DSM can inform Home Assistant whenever an update is available. With the click of a button, you will then be able to instal those updates without ever having to open another dashboard or app.

As entities, you can also add updates to your scripts and automation. This allows you, for example, to have a notification bug you until you instal said update. Or, if you have first confirmed that none of your devices will break, you could update all of them using a single command.

The three services mentioned above are all that will launch with this feature. However, it is safe to assume that ESPHome will join the fray in a matter of days, and I'm expecting Zigbee2MQTT to implement the feature sooner rather than later, too.

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