If-then(-else) actions are finally coming to Home Assistant

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Home Assistant Core 2022.5
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I can’t claim to be an expert in programming, but when I started experimenting with BASIC and later C, it was all about the if-then-else conditionals. Throughout the last twenty years, this very basic conditional has stuck with me and after porting the majority of my automations from Node-RED to the Home Assistant Dashboard, it was something I sorely missed. While the Choose action does allow me to create anything from basic to advanced if-then-else structures, I always longed for a simpler and cleaner way of doing this.

A screenshot of a Home Assistant automation showing the new if-then-else function. This function is being used to turn on a light if a motion sensor detects any motion.
This is what the new if-then(-else) action looks like

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one yearning for such a function. With the release of Home Assistant Core 2022.5 our calls have been heard, as Home Assistant now finally supports an if-then(-else) action. This type of action won’t allow you to do anything you couldn’t do before, but it will make the creation of automations easier and faster.

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