Home Assistant is finally getting an icon picker in the UI

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It has finally happened! With the upcoming release of Home Assistant 2021.11, the developers are adding an icon picker to the graphical interface. More specifically, we have Paul Bottein, also known as piitaya on GitHub, to thank for this pull request.

While this might seem a minor improvement, it does make configuring Home Assistant that bit easier. No longer do you have to open the Material Design Icons website and search for an icon, you can do it all without having to leave the Home Assistant dashboard.

To search an icon, you simply start typing the word and a list of suggestions will pop up. While it would be nice to also have the option to browse all icons, for those moments when you are just looking for inspiration. Nevertheless, this is a great start. You will be able to use the new icon picker in Home Assistant when version 2021.11 drops next week.

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