Home Assistant now supports Matter

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Following the finalization of Matter V1, and with Nabu Casa being a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, it was only a matter of time until Home Assistant adopted the latest, and supposedly greatest, IoT connectivity standard. Home Assistant Core Version 2022.12, the final major release of the year, will include what is still being described as a developer preview of Matter. The mobile companion apps, both for iOS and Android devices, will also receive an update that allows them to add Matter devices using a QR code scanner.

An illustration showing how a Matter device can be added to Home Assistant by scanning a QR code using a smartphone.
Connecting a Matter device will be as easy as scanning a QR code (source: Connectivity Standards Alliance on YouTube)

With this development, Home Assistant is joining Google, Apple, and Amazon, who have individually announced an upcoming update to their home automation products, or, as is the case with Apple, have already added it.

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