Your Home Assistant database is about to get even leaner

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Last year, in the month of April, the database powering every instance of Home Assistant Core underwent a massive transformation. The upgrade led to a reduction in database size by a hefty 10-35% (for most users), and it also notably accelerated the data load speed on the Home Assistant Dashboard. Now, with its 2022.6 release, Home Assistant Core is set to take these improvements a step further, promising an even leaner and faster database.

Honey, I shrunk the database

For starters, the database is expected to shrink by a significant 25-40% for a majority of installations. This reduction is in addition to the considerable size cut we saw last year. However, don't hold your breath for an instant change. The slimming down process will be gradual, happening as new data is recorded, and old data is purged.

The magic behind this substantial reduction? The developer team decided to store only references instead of the entire event data, provided that the same data already exists in the database.

Home Assistant Core 2022.6 could extend the life of your SD card

Moreover, the update also reduces disk writes. This can be a real lifesaver, especially for those of you running Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi, as it could potentially extend the lifespan of your SD cards. Plus, you'll notice that the history of an entity and the logbook are expected to load at a faster pace.

Home Assistant Core 2022.6 in a nutshell

In conclusion, Home Assistant 2022.6 is not just about surface-level changes. It's like your daily driver getting a new processor and memory upgrade – you might not see the tweaks, but you'll definitely feel the difference. Even better yet, you won't have to spend a penny. It’s all about those critical behind-the-scenes tweaks that make the user experience significantly smoother and more enjoyable.

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