Your Home Assistant database is about to get even leaner

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Home Assistant Core's database received possibly its biggest update ever in last April's stable release. With that release, it's size shrunk by 10-35% for most installs, and data displayed in the dashboard loaded much faster than previously. Home Assistant Core 2022.6 builds on the previous developments and improves the database performance yet again.

To start off with, the database will see a significant reduction in size. This time around, the estimate is at 25-40% for most installs. That is on top of what already was shaved off in April. Don't expect an immediate impact, as the size reduction will occur over time with the recording of new data and the purging of old data. The developers achieved this impressive reduction by only storing references instead of the whole event data, if the same data already exists in the database.

Disk writes are also reduced, which will hopefully preserve the SD cards for those running Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi. At the same time, the history of an entity and the logbook should load faster when viewed. All in all, Home Assistant 2022.6 once again brings impressive under the hood changes, which will make it much more enjoyable to use.

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is an experienced Home Assistant user who has been utilizing the platform for a variety of projects over an extended period. His journey began with a Raspberry Pi, which quickly grew to three Raspberry Pis and eventually a full-fledged server. Liam's current operating system of choice is Unraid, with Home Assistant comfortably running in a Docker container.
With a deep understanding of the intricacies of Home Assistant, Liam has an impressive setup, consisting of various Zigbee devices, and seamless integrations with existing products such as his Android TV box. For those interested in learning more about Liam's experience with Home Assistant, he shares his insights on how he first started using the platform and his subsequent journey.

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