Home Assistant ushers in robotic lawn mowers

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Home Assistant 2023.9 is shaking things up with a long-overdue entity: robotic lawn mowers! Despite these dainty, albeit notorious, hedgehog-harbingers being a common sight, a dedicated entity for them has been conspicuous by its absence. While summer is gradually winding down in the Northern Hemisphere (home to a significant chunk of our readership), this new addition may not really come into its own until next year. Nevertheless, as the adage goes, better late than never.

Home Assistant's Mastery Over Robotic Lawn Mowers

At the outset, the operational arsenal for these automated grass trimmers will be confined to three essential commands: start, pause, and return to dock. As a novice in the realm of robotic lawn mowers, I'm somewhat in the dark concerning the array of features their official apps proffer. That said, [custom integrations like the one for Husqvarna Automowers](# Husqvarna Automower) do empower you to tweak settings such as the cutting height and headlight mode.

The Robotic Lawn Mowers Home Assistant Plans to Support

Home Assistant 2023.9 will initially only throw its weight behind MQTT lawnmowers. What's the upshot of this for you? Your model probably won't make the initial cut. In reality, no model is anticipated to be compatible with this novel feature right out of the gate. While projects like Robonect, which introduces Wi-Fi capabilities to Gardena, Husqvarna, Flymo, and McCulloch robotic lawn mowers, exist, they may require some calibration to be compatible with this new entity.

What's probable, though, is the emergence of several integrations leveraging this entity before we bid adieu to this year. Home Assistant already has a working relationship with a few robotic lawn mowers, including a selection of Worx models. With this groundwork in place, it shouldn't be a Herculean task to transform them into fully-fledged lawn mower entities. I also foresee a blossoming of the feature set in the not-too-distant future.

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