Mushroom cards now support vacuums, locks, and media players

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Mushroom Cards v1.6
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The so-called Mushroom custom cards for the Home Assistant Dashboard have taken the community by storm. Once installed, Mushroom gives you several cards that allow you to build a Dashboard akin to the UI-Lovelace-Minimalist, but without having to delve into any code. In the two most recent releases, developers added three new heavily sought-after cards to Mushroom for our Dashboard-building purposes: vacuum, lock, and media player.


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The Mushroom Vacuum Card

The Mushroom Vacuum Card is about as basic as it gets, but it does the job for those looking for a minimalist way of displaying their robot vacuum. Using buttons, it supports start, pause, stop, locate, clean spot, and return home commands. As with the other cards provided by Mushroom, you can choose from three different layouts: The vertical layout adds a lot of white-space and places all items under one other. The horizontal layout is the most compact and places the command buttons next to the vacuum’s information. The default layout sits somewhere between the two.

Vertical layout
Horizontal layout
Default layout

Furthermore, you can customize the icon, choose which commands you want displayed, and adjust the tap, hold, and double tap actions.


The Mushroom Media Card

If there was one type of entity that needed a Mushroom Card, it would be the media players. And now they have one. This card is once again, following the stated goal of Mushroom, very minimalist. For my liking, the designers could take some inspiration from the Mini Media Player, which allows you to add a splash of colour to the Home Assistant dashboard using the currently playing track’s cover art.

The Mushroom Media Card, displaying a track from Radiohead being played in the Home Assistant Dashboard.

Mushroom Lock Card

The final card is also the one I currently have no use for: the Mushroom Lock Card for Home Assistant. As expected, this card gives you the ability to lock and unlock any lock from the Dashboard.

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