You can now back up your complete Zigbee2MQTT configuration

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Zigbee2MQTT 1.26.0 adds a neat feature for those conscious of the fact that things can and do sometimes go wrong. You can now create, and download, a complete backup of your Zigbee2MQTT configuration. This can be done using by publishing zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/backup using MQTT, or via the frontend.

A screenshot of the Zigbee2MQTT dashboard showing buttons allowing the user to download backups
The date folder backup can be downloaded from the Zigbee2MQTT dashboard

Within the downloaded backup, you will find four files:

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    • now that is the mystery,
      my thoughts are as i want to back up from home asstant and have a separate container ,
      is to use vs code go into thr YAML and copy from there ,
      but as yet hrs of googling not found a straight answer loads of click bait and rabbit holes


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