A Home Assistant Lovelace card for LG ThinQ washers and dryers

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Despite LG's efforts to bring smart features to their home appliances under the ThinQ branding, Home Assistant has been slow to embrace these innovations, despite the availability of a public API. As a result, LG ThinQ washer and dryer owners have had to rely on custom components to integrate their devices with Home Assistant. However, a custom Home Assistant Dashboard card has recently emerged to fill this void, allowing users to keep tabs on their laundry via the Home Assistant dashboard.

Introducing the Custom Card for LG ThinQ Appliances

This custom Home Assistant Dashboard card replicates the physical controls of an LG ThinQ washer and dryer, providing users with a convenient way to monitor their laundry's progress. While some may only require the time remaining to be displayed, others might appreciate real-time insights into their washer's spin speed or other metrics.

An LG ThinQ washer and dryer
An LG ThingQ dryer custom card in Home Assistant
An LG ThingQ washer custom card in Home Assistant

Integrating LG ThinQ Appliances with Home Assistant

The custom Home Assistant integration for LG ThinQ is not limited to washers and dryers, but can also accommodate dishwashers and refrigerators. However, the custom card discussed here only covers washers and dryers, and it should be noted that these appliances can only be monitored, not controlled.

To set up the integration, install HACS by following the steps on the official website. Once complete, search for “SmartThinQ LGE Sensors” in the community store. If it's not available, you can manually add the repository.

Installing the Custom Card for LG ThinQ Washers and Dryers

The custom card must be downloaded and installed manually, as it is not yet available in the community store. Fortunately, the card's creator has provided a detailed guide on GitHub to help users through the process.

In conclusion, the custom card for LG ThinQ washers and dryers offers a much-needed solution for users seeking to integrate their smart appliances with the Home Assistant Dashboard. As custom components and cards continue to emerge, the versatility and functionality of smart home systems will undoubtedly expand.

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  1. Hi Liam, a great card for the LG…have installed and taken the liberty of adding a couple of bits to the card. Thank you so much for sharing, I was just wondering if you can share how you create the icons please as want to add things like spin speed and water temp and would be good to have matching icons. Again, top job on the card, looks great. thanks


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