How to adjust the size of the home zone in Home Assistant

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In Home Assistant, there is one zone enabled by default. That zone is the home zone. Whenever a GPS-enabled device reports that it is in the home zone, the person to whom that device is assigned to will be marked as being at home. However, I recently came across an issue that occurred when I was visiting the neighbours. Due to the zone’s radius being quite large, Home Assistant though I was still at home. The easiest way of solving this problem was to adjust the zone’s radius, I thought.


Whenever you create a new custom zone in Home Assistant, you get the option to adjust the radius by dragging it from one of the edges. As I knew this was possible, I wanted to do the same for the home zone, only to discover that its radius wasn’t draggable.

A custom zone that can be resized in Home Assistant
Custom zones can be resized

Luckily, though, there is a workaround to this issue. Head in to the Home Assistant settings and scroll all the way down to the “Customizations” option. Select the entity zone.home and edit the field marked “Radius”. Change the default number to something smaller and keep checking the map until you reach the desired size of your home zone.

The setting that defines the radius of the home zone (zone.home) in Home Assistant
Change the zone.home radius by customizing the entity

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