How to adjust the size of the home zone in Home Assistant

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Imagine the scene: you're just popping over to your neighbour's house for a quick chat or to borrow a cup of sugar, but your dependable Home Assistant stubbornly refuses to acknowledge your absence. It seems to believe you're still within the comforting embrace of your own four walls. The source of this little misunderstanding? None other than the overly spacious radius encompassing the default home zone. This expansive boundary, designed with the best intentions, inadvertently keeps your Home Assistant in the dark about your local wanderings, leaving you to ponder the delicate balance between technological convenience and geographical accuracy.

The Custom Zone's Freedom

It's time to address this minor issue, isn't it? Indeed, custom zones in Home Assistant grant you the power to effortlessly adjust their radius with a simple drag. Regrettably, our beloved home zone proves to be less accommodating. Worry not, as I have an excellent solution at the ready.

A custom zone that can be resized in Home Assistant
Only custom zones can be resized

Taming the Home Zone

Navigate to the realm of Home Assistant settings, where you must embark on a quest to locate the elusive “Customizations” option. Hidden there, you shall find the entity zone.home. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to modify the value within the “Radius” field. Feel free to tinker with the numbers until your home zone is as snug as a well-tailored suit. And there you have it, problem solved!

The setting that defines the radius of the home zone (zone.home) in Home Assistant
Change the zone.home radius by customizing the entity

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