The unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant is partially back

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After pulling the plug on the unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant, Wyze has allowed the developer of the custom component to continue working on the integration with some restrictions. As suspected, the reason Wyze no longer tolerated this integration was a question of cost, and Wyze's action was a direct consequence of its existence.

Between 1000 – 10000 individual Home Assistant instances made use of the unofficial Wyze integration, which is only a small percentage of Wyze's total user base. However, these Home Assistant users accounted for 50% of the traffic to their servers. As Home Assistant is running continually, that was bound to happen.

As things stand now, Home Assistant users are free to use the unofficial Wyze integration again. However, it is vitally important that everyone update the custom component so that the restrictions detailed below apply. If you don't update the component, Wyze might permanently disable access for all Home Assistant users!

The current state of the unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant

To reduce the amount of traffic, motion sensor and contact sensor events, as well as camera motion detection, had to be removed from the custom component. According to Wyze, access to those devices was absolutely pummelling their servers.

You will still be able to control light bulbs and smart switches and lock, unlock, and view status of the Wyze Lock. Until Joshua Mulliken, the developer of the custom component, and Wyze figure out a way of reducing the load on the server's, this is all that will remain of the integration.

The future of the Wyze integration with Home Assistant

It's hard to deny that the restrictions needed to massively restrict the use of the unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant. The good news is that some Wyze employees actively use the integration, and they want to keep it alive. Joshua Mulliken has described his talks with Wyze as productive, so there is hope that this open channel of communication will enable an even better integration.

What couldn't be shared was a future roadmap for Wyze products and their functionality. That would have required Joshua Mulliken to sign an NDA, which he was unwilling to do. When exactly the features stripped out of the custom component will be available again, remains unclear.

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