These are the most popular Home Assistant Dashboard cards

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If you're looking to add a touch of flair and personalized functionality to your Home Assistant Dashboard (Lovelace), custom cards might just be your cup of tea. The Home Assistant community has a treasure trove of these gems, catering to specific integrations or versatile applications. In this article, we'll explore the three Lovelace custom cards that shine brightest, as determined by GitHub stars.

A world of custom cards at your fingertips

For those keen to integrate custom cards into their Home Assistant dashboard, the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) is the go-to destination. Installing through the store ensures seamless updates directly from your dashboard.

Lovelace Mini Graph Card

The Mini Graph Card, a darling of the Home Assistant community with over 1000 GitHub stars, is a versatile improvement over the default History Graph Card. Though the initial setup may seem daunting due to the myriad of customization options, once you're past the hurdle, you'll be tempted to add it to every corner of your dashboard.

The Lovelace Mini Graph card showing the historical results of an internet speed test.
Is my ISP delivering what I pay for?
The Lovelace Mini Graph card showing the historical resting heart rate.
The resting heart rate is great at predicting illness

Some of its applications include monitoring resting heart rate, internet connection speed, server resources, and even room temperatures and humidity levels. With its attractive and informative display, this card comes highly recommended.

Mini Media Player

Four examples of the Mini Media Player custom card for Home Assistant
Multiple examples of the Mini Media Player custom card for Home Assistant (source: GitHub)

The brainchild of the same developer behind the Mini Graph Card, Karl Kihlström, the Mini Media Player is another popular choice with over 725 GitHub stars. It's particularly handy for controlling multiple Google Nest smart speakers.

If you find value in the Mini Graph Card or the Mini Media Player, consider sponsoring the developer on PayPal or exploring their other projects, such as the community-sourced lyrics app Singlyricly.

The Mini Media Player Card for the Home Assistant Dashboard.
How I use the Mini Media Player

Lovelace Button Card

The Button Card is a more customizable alternative to standard Home Assistant offerings, compatible with any toggleable entity. With six available actions on tap, hold, or double-click, custom layouts, adjustable aspect ratios, and an array of icons, it offers plenty of room for personalization.

While not as extensively used as the other two cards, the Button Card is still worth exploring for those who love to tinker and experiment with their dashboard.

In conclusion, custom Lovelace cards offer an enticing opportunity to personalize and enhance your Home Assistant dashboard. Whether you're tracking sensor data or controlling smart speakers, these cards can add both visual appeal and utility to your home automation setup.

    Variations of the Button Card for the Home Assistant Dashboard.
    A button card for selecting scenes (source: GitHub)
    Variations of the Button Card for the Home Assistant Dashboard.
    Defining sizes using the button card (source: GitHub)

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