Track the sun's elevation with this new gorgeous custom card

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Just one week ago, Reddit user /u/halloei asked the Home Assistant community whether it would be possible to create a sun elevation graph such as the one present in Google's weather card on Android phones. Fast-forward to today and AitorDB, another community member, has delivered by releasing the Home Assistant custom card for the Lovelace dashboard.

The Sun Elevation Card in your Home Assistant Dashboard

This new custom card for Home Assistant shares many similarities to what is found in Google's app. On a simple graph, the sun's current position is highlighted and the times for dawn, solar noon, and dusk are displayed in the footer. In the top corners of the card, the times for sunrise and sunset are shown. For those with automatically changing themes, the card also supports both light and dark mode.

Keep in mind that this custom card is in the very early stages of development. There is still work to be done, and that is where you might be able to help. The author of the sun elevation custom card is looking for willing translators, as it currently only supports English and Spanish. Other features still missing include the option to change from a 24 to 12-hour format and options to display the length of the day and remaining sunlight. Depending on your Home Assistant theme, this card might also not yet blend in perfectly, as it doesn't respect the theme's font.

The Sun Elevation Card in a Home Assistant Dashboard
This screenshot was taken with only a few minutes of sunlight remaining

How to install the Home Assistant sun elevation card

As with all custom components for Home Assistant, the easiest way of installing the sun elevation custom card is by using HACS. Simply add the following URL to your custom repositories and select the category “frontend”. Once added, you will be able to search for and install the custom card. The card can be added to the Home Assistant dashboard using the visual editor.
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  1. Hi Liam,
    thank you for this beautiful Sun Card. I have implemented it through HACS. Unfortunately no data is read in. The sensor sun: I have activated.
    Can you help me please.


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