A handy code for syncing Google Assistant and Home Assistant

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In the third chapter of our Home Assistant Beginner's Guide, we explored the process of enabling Google's Homegraph API. This vital step allows Google Assistant to synchronize devices with Home Assistant, creating a harmonious ecosystem of smart home gadgets.

Today, I'll be sharing a bit of code wizardry that will ensure the two platforms keep in sync every time you reboot your Home Assistant. For those who like to tinker, and let's face it, that's all of us in the tech world, you'll be rebooting fairly regularly. Hence, this automation trick will be as handy as a Swiss Army knife in a survival situation.

To implement this time-saving automation, simply add the following lines of code to your automations.yaml. No alterations are required – it's a 'copy and paste' job.

- alias: 'Update Google Assistant on start of Home Assistant'
    platform: homeassistant
    event: start
    service: google_assistant.request_sync

And there you have it – a bit of code that works like a diligent butler, ensuring Google Assistant and Home Assistant remain in perfect harmony after every reboot. In the fast-paced world of smart home technology, it's these little time-saving tricks that keep us one step ahead. Remember, the devil is in the detail. And in this case, the detail is a few lines of code that can make your smart home experience as smooth as silk.

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With a deep understanding of the intricacies of Home Assistant, Liam has an impressive setup, consisting of various Zigbee devices, and seamless integrations with existing products such as his Android TV box. For those interested in learning more about Liam's experience with Home Assistant, he shares his insights on how he first started using the platform and his subsequent journey.

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