Oct 17, 2020

Rejoice, the compact header is making a comeback

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Many were disappointed when the developer of the popular Custom Header ceased development of the popular custom component. The big forehead Home Assistant displays by default, is a bane, especially for primarily mobile users of the application. I am pleased to announce that your disappointment won’t last for long, as a compact header is officially being made part of Home Assistant.

What will change

While the new and official compact header won’t be as customizable as the custom component was, to begin with at least, it will do what most will want it to do. The compact header compacts the header to combine both buttons and tabs.

This won’t just affect the web dashboard. The height of the app’s header will also be shortened to accommodate tab size and allow more space for the view inside and outside Lovelace.

When to expect the official compact header

The compact header feature is still under development, but should make an appearance in Home Assistant in the not too distant future. You will likely have to live with the non-compact header or big forehead, as I called it earlier, for a short while. However, as an official part of Home Assistant, this compact header’s future should be more secure than the previous’.

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