You will soon be able to control your Xbox using Home Assistant

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A long day's work melts away as you sink into your couch, ready to unwind with your trusty Xbox by your side. You envision a world where, as if by magic, your console, and television greet you with the latest game you've been playing, already loaded and waiting for your eager thumbs to dive in. And in these times, when our homes have become our sanctuaries, such convenience seems almost essential.


Effortless control and mindful gaming

Imagine you're deep into a cinematic experience on the Xbox Netflix app, utterly captivated, but your controller has seemingly vanished into the abyss. With Home Assistant, you could simply press a button and regain control of your entertainment without breaking the spell.

And let's not forget the importance of keeping an eye on your children's gaming habits – or even your own. In a smart home, who wants to resort to the primitive method of marching into the living room just to ensure the console is turned off or to prevent a game from being played outside the designated age range? The future of gaming is here, and it's all about making our lives that much more enjoyable and efficient.

A new horizon for Xbox and Home Assistant

The day has arrived when the deep-seated dreams of Xbox and Home Assistant enthusiasts come to fruition. Thanks to the ingenuity of developer @hunterjm, a forthcoming Xbox integration will soon enable all those marvellous conveniences we've been yearning for.

This innovative Xbox integration goes beyond mere basics like powering your console on and off. It promises a smorgasbord of features, such as access to your entire library of games and apps through Home Assistant's media browser. You can even set up a virtual controller on the Home Assistant dashboard, granting you seamless navigation through menus and apps.

Eager beavers can experience this technological marvel in Home Assistant's 0.117 beta version, but if you're the kind who prefers a smoother, risk-free experience, it's best to hold your horses and wait for the official release.

Xbox integration: A game changer for Home Assistant

For gamers of all levels, the Xbox integration with Home Assistant is set to unlock a realm of automation possibilities. Envision the ambiance of your room transforming with hues of red as you dive into a spine-chilling horror game, or other colours to suit your gaming mood. Picture your lights dimming when a Netflix film starts, only to brighten up for those much-needed intermissions.

This integration allows you to keep an eye on your gaming habits, sending notifications as a gentle nudge when you've been captivated by your screen for too long. You could even have Home Assistant broadcast your gaming prowess to your Twitter followers.

For those striving to balance gaming and health, Home Assistant can use Fitbit or Garmin integration to ensure your Xbox powers down if you haven't reached your daily step goals. And with the magic of voice assistants, you can command Alexa or Google to boot up your console and load your favourite game, ready for action.

The Xbox integration will be compatible with Home Assistant's current 1701 integrations, showcasing the true power of a smart home ecosystem where everything is connected.

Xbox Series S/X and Home Assistant: A question of compatibility

With the arrival of Microsoft's next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S, many are left wondering if the new Xbox integration with Home Assistant will play nicely with these gaming powerhouses.

As Home Assistant developers and users don't yet have their hands on these consoles, it's difficult to confirm the compatibility. However, Microsoft's emphasis on intergenerational connectivity between the Xbox family provides a glimmer of hope. If the current integration does face compatibility issues with the Xbox Series X/S, it's reasonable to expect an updated version to emerge soon after the consoles' release. That being said, this hypothesis remains speculative until further information is available.

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