Oct 24, 2020

Tasmota is being natively integrated with Home Assistant

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Tasmota is a very popular alternative firmware for ESP8266 based devices such as the cheap switches from Sonoff and light bulbs from Zemismart. It’s comparable to ESPHome in its functionality though each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Devices flashed with Tasmota can communicate with Home Assistant using the lightweight MQTT network protocol. The integration with Tasmota devices in Home Assistant is about to change as there will be a native integration in the next version of Home Assistant.

What this means for Home Assistant

While Tasmota will be natively integrated this won’t be a standalone solution. As it was before, Home Assistant will continue to communicate with Tasmota devices using MQTT. This means that you are still required to have an MQTT server set up (you can use the Mosquitto addon if you’re using Home Assistant). You will also have to have the MQTT integration configured. The integration will be set up using the web interface and not using YAML code.

Ultimately, nothing much will change in comparison to how Tasmota devices were previously handled. It will clean things up a bit as Tasmota devices will no longer be grouped in with all other MQTT devices. This integration will support lights, relays, sensors and, switches are supported. Any other devices will still have to be controlled using MQTT.

When to expect the Tasmota integration in Home Assistant

The next version of Home Assistant (0.117) is gearing up to be quite a big release. Not only will the native compact header and the deep integration with Xbox be introduced, but the Tasmota integration is also set to come as part of the package.

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