Update HACS before updating to Home Assistant 0.118

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With the arrival of Home Assistant 0.118, it's no surprise that many are eager to explore the new Grid and Logbook cards. However, before you throw yourself into the latest version, there's a crucial step to take in order to maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience: updating HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) to version 1.6.2.


The importance of HACS update

Overlooking the HACS update could lead you down a rabbit hole of missing custom cards and a Home Assistant menu devoid of HACS itself. That's certainly not the kind of adventure you'd want to embark on with Home Assistant 0.118. If you've already updated to Home Assistant 0.118 without updating HACS first, fear not! There's an easy fix to bring everything back to normality.

Screenshot of a tweet by HACS (@HACSIntegration) advising to upgrade HACS to version 1.6.2+ before upgrading to Home Assistant 0.118.0. The tweet quotes an earlier post from Home Assistant (@home_assistant) dated November 18, 2020, announcing the release of Home Assistant Core 0.118.0 with new features like Grid & Logbook Lovelace cards and support for Shelly live push updates. The quoted tweet includes an image with the text 'Home Assistant Release 0.118' and 'Making things easier!' overlaid on a blue background with a white circuit-like design, indicating technological advancement and ease of use.

Updating HACS (Home Assistant Community Store)

Surprisingly, the process of manually updating HACS isn't as explicitly documented as one might expect. But fear not, for there is a simple way to update it without losing any of your precious settings. Following the installation guide is all it takes. As a precaution, I stopped my Home Assistant container before proceeding. Although it's unclear if this is necessary, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially since you'll need to restart Home Assistant anyway.

Here's a step-by-step guide to manually update HACS:

  1. Download the latest release from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the folder and copy its contents.
  3. Head into your Home Assistant configuration folder and navigate to custom_components.
  4. In that folder, locate another folder named hacs.
  5. Delete the contents of the hacs folder and paste the files you copied earlier.
  6. Start the Home Assistant container.

Voilà! HACS should reappear in your Home Assistant menu, ready to help you make the most of Home Assistant 0.118.

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