Early reviews of the Lidl Zigbee smart bulbs don’t seem promising

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You might have heard the news that Lidl launched its own line of cheap Zigbee devices under its brands Silvercrest and LIVARNOLUX in the past weeks. While the pricing is competitive when compared to alternatives from Philips Hue and IKEA, the quality of the Lidl smart devices was a big unknown before launch.

Now that customers have had their hands on these products for more than a few days, first reports on them are popping up on the internet. In this article, I will be mainly focusing on Lidl smart bulbs as they are, in my opinion, the most interesting from all the smart products. Cheap and surprisingly good Zigbee LED strips have been around for some time but bulbs less so.

They’re Lidl smart bulbs, you get what you pay for

Reddit user /u/achybreakyballs (my apologies) purchased seven GU10, one E14, and two E27 smart bulbs from Lidl and paired them with their Philips Hue hub. The first thing they noticed is that the Lidl smart bulbs don’t dim nearly as far as Hue bulbs do. A Lidl smart bulb set to 1% brightness is about as bright as a comparable Philips Hue bulb at 50% brightness. For me, this would be an absolute deal-breaker as I like to have my lights at the lowest possible brightness for nighttime bathroom visits.

The second issue they discovered is that the Lidl smart bulbs have an unacceptably long response time. This is especially true for Hue scenes involving colour changes over time. In addition to that, the Lidl smart bulbs don’t gradually shift between colours but instead switch instantly.

The final issue they discovered is that the GU10 smart bulbs from Lidl will reset when fully powered off. Every time the light is switched off using a dumb light switch, it will have to re-paired once it is powered on again. This behaviour was only observed with the GU10 bulbs and none of the others. If this issue is confirmed by other customers, it makes Lidl’s GU10 smart bulbs absolutely unusable.

It isn’t all bad

The YouTuber Everything Smart Home does praise the maximum brightness and the light quality of the Lidl bulbs and does give them their recommendation. However, there is no mention of the minimum brightness or any of the other issues reported above in their review. They don’t appear to run tests in combination with the Philips Hue hub and are only using the Lidl Zigbee hub.

As reported previously, Lidl doesn’t only sell smart bulbs but also Zigbee LED strips. These appear to be of better quality with Reddit user /u/elliottmarter reporting that they’re really impressed with them. According to the post, the smart LED strip from Lidl pairs with a ConBee II instantly and without any issues.

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