May 2, 2021

Blueprints for Home Assistant scripts are up next

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The ability to create, share, and use Blueprints was one of Home Assistant's most important and valuable addition in the past year. Blueprints allow us to save a bunch of time when adding an automation — because why do something yourself when someone else has already done and shared it? Additionally, Blueprints also lowered the bar for newcomers to Home Assistant, making the project even more welcoming to anyone, no matter the skill.

So far, Blueprints have been limited to automations and nothing else. That is about to change, as the Dutch productivity-king Franck Nijhof (also known online as frenck) has been working on laying the foundations of allowing Home Assistant users to share scripts using them.

Script Blueprints - Soon, but not yet

The timing as to when you will be able to add script Blueprints to Home Assistant is not yet known. What we do know is that the feature will sadly not be ready for Home Assistant Core version 2021.5. As mentioned, the current change, which has already been merged and will make an appearance in version 2021.5, is solely adding the foundation.

I agree, and I'm sure many other Home Assistant users will too, with what was said by frenck has said in his pull request: “Adding Blueprint support for scripts […] feels like a sensible next step”. Obviously, Home Assistant is all about automation, but scripts still play a vital role in making it yours.

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