Secure 30% Off room-assistant Compatible Tile Bluetooth Trackers

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Have you ever found yourself searching for misplaced items like keys or wallets? Your solution is here with the Tile Bluetooth Trackers—now available at a 30% discount. These trackers are not only affordable, but also fully compatible with room-assistant, enhancing your item-tracking capabilities within your smart home ecosystem.


How Tile Trackers Enhance Item Security

Tile trackers are compact, Bluetooth-enabled devices designed to safeguard your essential items. By integrating with the Tile app on your smartphone, these trackers allow you to audibly locate misplaced items. If an item is beyond Bluetooth range, the Tile community's find feature can help pinpoint its location through the assistance of other users. With various models offering features from extended range to enhanced audibility, Tile ensures there's a tracker perfectly suited to every need.

Explore the Range of Tile Models

The Tile Pro stands out with its robust capabilities, available in sleek black or classic white and boasting a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters—nearly twice that of the Tile Mate. It also features a louder ring, making it easier to hear. Both models are water-resistant with an IP67 rating.

The Tile Mate offers a compact, cost-effective solution with a significant battery advantage, lasting up to three years, which is threefold that of the Pro's lifespan.

Meanwhile, the Tile Slim mirrors the Mate in battery longevity and range but sports a thinner design, ideal for slipping into wallets. However, it's important to note that Tile has faced criticism for the non-user-replaceable battery in the Slim model, a potential drawback for some users.

Who Is Tile?

Tile, a subsidiary of Life360, is a consumer electronics company founded in 2012 by Nick Evans and Mike Farley. Based in San Mateo, California, Tile revolutionized the way people locate their personal items with its innovative Bluetooth trackers. The concept for Tile arose from the founders' personal experiences with losing everyday items, which led them to develop a practical solution that would help mitigate this common inconvenience. The product quickly gained popularity through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, which highlighted the demand for such technology.

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