Jun 21, 2021

Get the new Fire HD 10 tablet (2021) for only US$80 on Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon's line of Fire HD tablets are one of the top choices for wall-mounting the Home Assistant dashboard in a smart home. If you have been thinking of adding one to your arsenal of gadgets, now might be the time for action. In this Early Access Prime Day Deal the most recent Amazon Fire HD 10's price has been slashed to only US$80.

The Fire HD 10 tablet's display has a resolution of 1080p (1920 × 1200), 3 GB of memory to go along with the powerful octa-core processor, and a slim uniform bezel. It is that bezel that makes it a much better choice for wall-mounting than any previous models, as it is uniform and has no branding on it whatsoever.

Keep in mind that this deal is for the Fire HD 10 with lock screen ads. You will be shown personalized ads on the screensaver in sleep mode and at the bottom of the tablet's home screen. However, these can be removed with a one-time payment.

If your kids are feeling envious of your new purchase, they might be in luck, too. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is down to only US$119.99. It features the identical specs as the grown up model, but comes with a bright and colourful protective case preinstalled. Other extras include a one-year Amazon Kids+ Subscription and an extended warranty period (two years instead of one).

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