Jun 23, 2021

Brighten up your day with deals on Senglend Zigbee bulbs

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Sengled's Zigbee bulbs have long been recommended as a slightly cheaper alternative to those sold by Philips under the Hue line. Today, on Amazon Prime Day, is your chance to grab some for even less. There is a wide selection of options with steep discounts with varying bases and features available.

Want to bring some colour in to your life? Then look no further than these deals on Sengled RGBW bulbs with either an E26, BR30, or E12 socket. The W in RGBW means that these Zigbee bulbs not only have coloured LEDs but also a true white LED, which makes them usable as functional lights, too.

Keep in mind that as Zigbee bulbs, these will need to be connected to a hub, such as the Sengled Smart Hub, which is also discounted. Alternatively, and perhaps more interesting for users of Home Assistant, most of the bulbs are also compatible with Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA. To control your new bulbs, you might also want to pick up a discounted Sengled Smart Switch. This switch has four buttons and can be mounted to any surface or wall using the magnetic base.

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