Grab a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner at a steal this Black Friday

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In our go-go-go society, time is the new gold standard. Thanks to our tech-savvy world, household chores like cleaning are no longer as daunting as they used to be. The humble robot vacuum cleaner has become a must-have, saving us from the slog of sweeping and vacuuming our floors. Roborock, a titan in the robot vacuum cleaner world, offers you a chance to ditch the mop and broom with its line of high-performance machines, packed with innovative features and built to last. And the cherry on top? This Black Friday, you can snag one of these bad boys on sale.

Choosing your Roborock robot vacuum cleaner: a quick guide

If you're not sure which Roborock robot vacuum cleaner to go for, don't sweat it. You can check out my detailed comparison of all the models in the S series for some guidance. But to cut to the chase, I'd suggest the Roborock S7 if you're after top-notch mopping capabilities and a nifty auto-emptying dock or the S6 MaxV for its smart object detection feature.

A word to the wise, the Roborock S7+ isn't a fancier model of the S7. It's essentially the same machine but comes with the added bonus of an auto-emptying dock. Definitely a nice touch if you ask me.

Deals for every pocket-size: Roborock's E series

Today's discounts aren't just for the high-rollers who want the ritzy S series. The E series, designed with budget-friendly shoppers in mind, is also part of the Black Friday deal bonanza. The Roborock E4 is a cost-effective robot vacuum that offers a lot of bang for your buck. It has a robust suction system and a battery life that won't quit on you. Plus, it's armed with smart mapping technology, giving it the ability to map your home and plot the most efficient cleaning route.

If you're looking for a step-up, the Roborock E5 might be your jam. It ups the ante with a stronger suction power and a larger dustbin capacity, perfect for pet owners or those with high-traffic homes. Like its E4 sibling, the E5 also boasts the same smart mapping technology, ensuring it cleans your home in the most efficient way possible.

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