Save yourself the hassle and finally get a discounted robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock

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In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and with the advancements in technology, cleaning has become more manageable and convenient. Robot vacuum cleaners have become a staple in many households, making cleaning floors less of a hassle. Roborock has established itself as a leader in the robot vacuum cleaner industry, offering exceptional cleaning performance, innovative features, and reliable durability. On this Black Friday, a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner could be yours at a steep discount.

Which Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is the best?

Before deciding on which Roborock robot vacuum cleaner to purchase, you might want to consult my comparison of every model in the S series. But if you want a quick summary, I recommend going for the Roborock S7 if you want the best mopping any robot vacuum cleaner delivers and an auto-emptying dock or the S6 MaxV if you want intelligent object detection.

The Roborock S7+ is not an upgraded model; you will receive the same robot vacuum cleaner as the standard Roborock S7. However, it does come with an auto-emptying dock, which is a noteworthy addition.

It's not just the high-end models, there are deals for the budget conscious

The discounts available today aren't limited to the luxurious S series, but also include the E series, which is tailored towards cost-conscious buyers. The Roborock E4 is a budget-friendly robot vacuum that offers excellent value for its price. It features a powerful suction system and has a long battery life. Additionally, the E4 comes with smart mapping technology, which allows it to create a map of your home and plan the most efficient cleaning route.

The Roborock E5 is another affordable option, with several upgraded features from the E4. It has a stronger suction power and a larger dustbin capacity, making it ideal for homes with pets or frequent cleaning needs. The Roborock E5 comes with the same smart mapping technology as the E4, allowing it to create a map of your home and plan the most efficient cleaning route.

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