Nov 26, 2021

Want to use Valetudo? Get a discounted Dreametech robot vacuum cleaner

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Recently, I recommended the Dreametech L10 Pro and Z10 Pro as the only robot vacuum cleaners to be used with Valetudo. If you have been holding off a purchase, today's discount might just tempt you. The Dreametech L10 Pro, which unfortunately doesn't come with an auto-emptying dock, but does have a large dustbin, is US$100 cheaper than usual.

If an auto-emptying dock is what you are after, the mighty powerful Dreametech Z10 Pro can be yours for US$120 off, with the activation of a coupon. The Z10 Pro is the definition of set it and forget it, with the dock able to store up to two months of dust and filth.

If the L10 Pro is too upmarket for you, perhaps the Dreametech D9 which is US$130 off, putting it in the sub US$250 bracket, might be a more realistic option. Although the price tracker Keepa reveals that this model might have been artificially pushed to a higher price point with the goal of offering it at a larger discount on Black Friday. However, in previous months, the Dreametech D9 was mostly listed at US$299.99, so the current offer does still represent a US$60 discount.

The Dreametech L10 Pro does, however, appear to be a real deal. It has seldom moved from the US$489.99 price point in the last months.

If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner to complement your robotic butler, Dreametech has also discounted a handful of their well-reviewed models. Star of the show is the Dreametech H11, which is both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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