Home Assistant’s configuration is getting a splash of colour

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In what is shaping up to be a major update to Home Assistant’s interface, version 2021.12 will add some much-needed colour to the currently rather monotonous configuration options. It has been some time since Home Assistant’s interface has changed, besides updates to the Lovelace dashboard.

This change will do more than just give the icons a facelift and a splash of colour, it will also make the list much shorter and hopefully easier to navigate. No longer is every tab found in the submenu display, and instead they are grouped into just one entry.

The configuration menu in Home Assistant Core 2021.11 without any colours
The configuration menu in Home Assistant Core 2021.12 with coloured icons

This change might take some time to get used to, but once you have figured out where the setting you are looking for is, it will be much easier to navigate the configuration, due to reduced scrolling. The individual colours, assuming you can see them, will also help you quickly identify each option with just a glance.

Home Assistant’s interface does take many design notes from Google’s Material Design, so it is not outlandish to speculate that this move might have been inspired by Android’s settings menu.

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