room-assistant isn't dead, but looking for a maintainer

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In the enchanting world of open-source projects, where valiant developers generously share their inventions, we find room-assistant—a charming tool for home automation aficionados. Regrettably, updates have been few and far between, with the eagerly awaited 3.0 version remaining in beta since autumn's arrival. Simultaneously, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W installation process continues to baffle.

A touch of understanding

Let us not forget, esteemed reader, that open-source projects are works of passion, not corporate duties. The developer, Heiko Rothe (alias mKeRix in the GitHub universe), is no Draconian overseer but a kind-hearted individual who dedicates time to room-assistant amidst life's fleeting moments. They owe us nothing, yet their creation remains remarkably valuable.

In search of a new conductor

Heiko, currently on the hunt for a successor to continue the room-assistant saga, extends a warm welcome to any luminary eager to revitalize this 1,100-star project. So, if your spirit soars at the prospect of fostering a devoted user community, connect with the creator and share your ideas.

A screenshot of a message from the room-assistant developer
A message from mKeRix

A ray of optimism

For those holding on to the belief that room-assistant will endure, take solace: Heiko plans to revisit this cherished endeavour when the tides of time allow. Thus, we eagerly anticipate the day when room-assistant once again flourishes under the watchful eye of dedicated care.

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