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Aqara, a leader in smart home technology, has been at the forefront of integrating Zigbee 3.0 technology into its products, ensuring seamless interoperability and enhanced functionality. Anticipating the Prime Day sale on Amazon, Aqara is rolling out enticing discounts across a variety of its smart home devices. Highlighted among these are three standout products: the Aqara Motion Sensor P1, the Aqara Smart Curtain Motor E1, and the Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro. These devices not only represent the pinnacle of Aqara's Zigbee 3.0 offerings but also provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade your smart home ecosystem at a fraction of the cost.


Prime Opportunities: A Trio of Aqara Zigbee 3.0 Innovations

Aqara Motion Sensor P1: This sensor easily integrates with Zigbee2MQTT and Home Assistant's native ZHA, simplifying its setup in smart homes. It represents Aqara's advancement in motion detection technology, offering a reliable and user-friendly solution for enhancing home security and automation.

Aqara Smart Curtain Motor E1: Already supported by Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA, this motorized curtain solution rivals the SwitchBot Curtain in functionality, but with the added advantage of Zigbee 3.0 for better connectivity with smart home hubs.

Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro: Although it targets users within the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, its functionality as both a security camera and a Zigbee 3.0 hub expands its appeal, providing a versatile tool for enhancing both home security and device connectivity. Please note that the Zigbee functionality is not supported by either Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA.

The Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro attached to a white wooden wall.
The Aqara Smart Curtain Motor E1 pulling a dark blue curtain.
The Aqara Motion Sensor P1 attached to the bottom of a stair with a person walking down the staircase in the background.

Detailed Look at Aqara's Prime Offerings

Aqara Motion Sensor P1: Enhanced Reliability and Longevity

The initial version of Aqara's motion sensor gained popularity for its affordability and compact design. Yet, its reliance on a modified Zigbee protocol sometimes led to compatibility issues. The Aqara Motion Sensor P1 addresses these limitations with an upgraded Zigbee 3.0 chip, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of coordinators. Notably, it boasts an extended battery life of up to five years, adjustable detection timeout, and user-configurable settings for detection sensitivity and viewing angle, representing a significant improvement over its predecessor.

Aqara Smart Curtain Motor E1: Automated Convenience

Offering automation for curtain opening and closing, the Aqara Smart Curtain Motor E1 enhances morning routines by simulating natural wake-up conditions. Compatible with various curtain rails and capable of supporting up to a 12 kg load, it brings a level of convenience and automation comparable to premium alternatives but with the added benefit of Zigbee 3.0 connectivity. Its integrated battery lasts up to a year on a single charge, and the use of a USB-C port for charging means you can easily recharge it with common chargers.

Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro: Security and Smart Hub in One

Unique in its dual role, the Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro combines the functions of a security camera and a Zigbee 3.0 hub. This device not only enhances home security through video surveillance, but also serves as a central hub for connecting additional smart devices. While designed for seamless integration with Apple's HomeKit, offering features like Secure Video and local processing for face and package recognition, it also supports SD card and NAS storage for users outside the HomeKit ecosystem. This ensures flexibility and comprehensive security coverage.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Network to Zigbee 3.0 Today

The Prime Day promotions present an opportune moment to acquire Aqara's Zigbee 3.0 devices, which are designed to enhance smart home setups through improved compatibility, functionality, and ease of use. From advanced motion sensors and automated curtain motors to versatile security cameras that double as smart hubs, Aqara's offerings are engineered to meet diverse smart home needs while also promising significant savings during the sale.

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