Mushroom creator joins Nabu Casa in push for prettier Dashboard

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A digital illustration of a mushroom growing in a forest.

The captivating Mushroom Cards have been the talk of the Reddit's /r/homeassistant community, with their delightful designs gracing numerous Home Assistant Dashboards. These versatile cards are a hit among both novices and seasoned users, providing a refreshing alternative to the official Home Assistant Dashboard Cards. Recognizing the enchanting work of Paul Bottein, Nabu Casa has welcomed him into their fold.

Home Assistant Dashboard design embarks on a new journey

As the creative force behind Mushroom Cards, Paul Bottein has joined Nabu Casa as their sixteenth member, teaming up with Matthias de Baat, Bram Kragten, Joakim Sørensen, and others. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for the Home Assistant Dashboard's design, aiming to transform it from a powerful automation engine into a stunning centrepiece for smart homes of the future.

Mushroom Cards' destiny shrouded in mystery

With Paul Bottein on board, questions arise about the future of Mushroom Cards. Although he continues to cultivate their growth, their ultimate fate remains unclear. It's conceivable that the most captivating aspects of Mushroom Cards will gradually merge with the official Home Assistant Dashboard Cards, rendering the former obsolete.

A promising outlook for Card Development

As Bottein transitions from a hobbyist to a full-time professional, one can expect a surge in the development of both existing and new cards in the coming months. While the Mushroom Cards may eventually recede into the background, their essence will endure, infusing the Home Assistant Dashboard with a renewed sense of allure and sophistication.

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