Sep 11, 2022

You can now buy devices running ESPHome out of the box

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ESPHome has evolved from a project mainly aimed at tinkerers, to one that electronics vendors can use in their hardware projects. While browsing AliExpress and Amazon, I came across two such vendors. Of the two, one has the Made for ESPHome stamp of approval on many of its products.

In this article, I will discuss the ESPHome pre-flashed devices, and try to convince you that this is the way smart home hardware should produced.

Why Made for ESPHome matters

The Made for ESPHome stamp of approval guarantees that you actually own the item you have purchased. No company can stop you from using it with the flick of a switch. Your product isn't reliant on any cloud services that might be phased out if not successful.

What's more is that you will have full access to your device's configuration. You are not happy with how it functions? Change it yourself. You can add your automations in firmware, and you will be able to do so as long as the device functions.

Another big advantage of pre-flashed devices is that they are made professionally. You would be hard-pressed to create your own decent looking lightbulb, but for a large vendor that isn't an issue. There are obviously many bulbs, plugs, switches, and more you can flash with just a couple of tools, but the Made for ESPHome removes any potential issues. You won't be buying any Made for ESPHome hardware, only to find out that it is no longer possible to flash it.

ATHOM: Officially approved Made for ESPHome devices

There is little information available on the only provider of Made for ESPHome hardware available. ATHOM sells a number of RGB+CCT bulbs, multiple types of smart plugs, wall switches, LED strip controllers, and even a garage opener.

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