Smarten up your TV with a discounted Chromecast with Google TV

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A glitching television running Chromecast with Google TV.

As Black Friday sweeps the United States, the successor of the crowd-pleasing Chromecast, aptly named Chromecast with Google TV, finds itself drenched in delightful discounts. If you've been longing to breathe life into that dusty, neglected television in the corner of your smart home, now's your chance. The 4K-ready model sees a 20% markdown, but the real treasure is the HD model, which, boasting a 40% discount, sits at a tantalizing sub-$20 price tag.

An Evolution of the Classic Chromecast

For the curious minds out there, Chromecast with Google TV builds upon the legacy of Google's renowned Chromecast streaming stick. This innovative gadget not only maintains the features that made its predecessor a household name, but also embraces the Play Store and lends itself to both remote and voice control.

Seamless Integration with Home Assistant

Eager to join forces with Home Assistant, these models shake hands with your home network and make themselves right at home, no more than a couple of clicks needed. With everything in place, a world of media streaming possibilities unfolds before your eyes, as the melodies from services supported by Music Assistant flow effortlessly from your Home Assistant to your television screen.

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