The newly Home Assistant compatible Airthings Wave Plus gets a discount

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A large city with a lot of pollution.

The world of Bluetooth devices is ever-expanding, and Home Assistant has recently embraced the Airthings Wave Plus multisensor. Hailing from Norway, this versatile device can detect a wide array of air quality factors, such as radon, carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), humidity, temperature, and air pressure. And now, there's an opportunity to get your hands on this innovative gadget at a discounted price.

Why you should care about radon detection

If you're wondering why radon detection is crucial, this stealthy gas is the primary cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Radon originates in the earth's crust and permeates the air we breathe, silently posing a threat to our health. In the United States, radon-related fatalities surpass those caused by drink-driving, house fires, and drowning incidents.

Radon is a master of disguise. Its colorless, odorless, and tasteless nature allows it to slip into our homes undetected. It can seep through cracks in the foundation, gaps in flooring, and even permeate building materials. The only way to unmask this silent menace is by measuring radon levels with specialized testing devices.

Lung cancer risk reduction

By identifying radon concentrations in our living spaces, we can take the necessary steps to reduce our exposure and lower the risk of developing lung cancer. This proactive approach can be a lifesaver, especially for those living in areas with high radon potential or for individuals with a genetic predisposition to lung cancer.

With a sensor such as the Airthings Wave Plus, you can make informed decisions about ventilating your living space more frequently. Even the slightest adjustments can significantly enhance the air quality in your home, creating a healthier environment.

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