Get Roborock's best robot vacuum cleaners at a steep discount

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A rendered image of the Roborock S7 MaxV, visualizing how its cameras scan its surroundings.

Roborock's robot vacuum cleaners are popular among Home Assistant users, and now you have the opportunity to purchase one at a discounted price through Roborock's Black Friday deals.

  • Advanced features for carpet detection and stain removal with the Roborock S7 MaxV
  • Continuous operation and virtual mapping with the Roborock Q7 Max+

    Roborock's Q7 Max+ model comes with an Auto-Empty Dock Pure, enabling the robot vacuum to operate continuously for up to seven weeks. This model uses LiDAR to navigate your home, and through the app, you can recreate your home virtually by adding furniture and floor materials. Home Assistant integration is confirmed through a GitHub issue. The Q7 Max+ also boasts a maximum suction power of 4200 Pa and can run for up to three hours on a single charge.

    Advanced features for carpet detection and stain removal with the Roborock S7 MaxV

    Roborock's S7 MaxV models are also available at a higher price point. Both the S7 MaxV and S7 MaxV Plus feature AI-powered cameras to assist in navigating around obstacles, such as clothing and cables. These models automatically detect carpets and adjust the suction power accordingly, reaching up to 5100 Pa.

    The sonic vibration mop on these models can scrub at a speed of 3000 cycles per minute, effectively removing stubborn stains on hard floors. The mop retracts upon detecting a carpet for a hands-off experience. The S7 MaxV model comes with a charging dock, while the S7 MaxV+ includes the Auto-Empty Dock.

    The vacuum unit is the same for both S7 MaxV models, and the Auto-Empty Dock can be purchased separately at a later date.

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