Automate your dumb home with discounted SwitchBot gadgets

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A selection of products made by SwitchBot.

Automate your home with SwitchBot's innovative products. Convert “dumb” devices into smart ones with SwitchBot's Bot. Expand with smart locks, security cameras, plugs, and curtains.


Making dumb electronics smart with the SwitchBot Bot

SwitchBot's smart home devices allow you to automate any “dumb” devices you might still have in your smart home. They gained popularity with the SwitchBot Bot—Smart Switch Button Pusher, a robotic finger that enabled those who couldn't or were prohibited from modifying their light switches to experience a smart home. Due to its small and unobtrusive design, it has many uses, including toggling washing machines, coffee makers, humidifiers, and more.

Expanding into smart locks, security cameras, and more

Since launching the Bot, SwitchBot has expanded its product range to include smart lockssecurity camerassmart plugscurtain motors, and other areas. The Smart Plug Mini can monitor the energy usage of connected devices and handle loads of up to 15 A. It is made of flame-retardant material and has overload protection. The Bot is powered by a single CR2 battery, with an expected battery life of 600 days. The Remote uses Bluetooth Long Range, with an extended range, and can directly control other SwitchBot devices.

Discounted SwitchBot devices that integrate with Home Assistant

Home Assistant can integrate with SwitchBot devices using Bluetooth without the need for a SwitchBot Hub. However, you will need to launch the SwitchBot app, as the BTLE MAC address is stored there and not listed on the device itself. Currently, discounted devices supported include the Bot, Curtain, Meter, and Plug Mini (both the original and HomeKit-enabled models).

SwitchBot's smart lock works with your existing deadbolt and key and attaches to your door with nothing but a 3M adhesive strip. With an average use, it will last for 180 days on a single charge. The Meter is both a hygrometer and thermometer and has a Swiss-made sensor at its heart.

A SwitchBot Lock installed on a wooden door, viewed from inside. The black device is attached to the door just above the silver deadbolt and door handle, which features a thumb latch. The device seems to be equipped with a mechanical arm that interacts with the thumb latch, indicating its function is to lock or unlock the door remotely.
A SwitchBot Bot attached to a light switch.
A SwitchBot Curtain attached to curtain rails.
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