Nov 24, 2022

Samsung's discounted Galaxy Tabs are perfect for wall-mounting

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If wall-mounting a tablet is part of your smart home vision, then Samsung's discounts on their Tabs might just be the perfect solution. While the Tab A series lacks the beautiful OLED screens found on their most premium models, their LCDs are more than suited to displaying a Home Assistant Dashboard and camera feeds. The Samsung Tab A8 10.5 is the newest of the lot, featuring the largest screen at 10.5″ with a resolution of 1200 × 1920, giving it a pixel density of ~216 PPI. Powering it is the relatively unheard of Unisoc Tiger T618, and it runs Android 12.

The Tab A7 10.4 might be a year older than the Tab A8, though its performance is not much worse. It does have a slightly smaller screen but a higher resolution of 1200 × 2000 (~224 PPI). With a 5:3 ratio, it is slightly wider than the 16:10 ratio of its successor. While the Tab A7 10.4 has been upgraded to Android 12, it is likely that major updates will no longer be provided by Samsung.

Finally, the 8.7″ Tab A7 Lite was announced some time after the A7 was already on shelves. The biggest downside to the A7 is its screen: At 800 × 1340 it only has a density of 179 PPI, which might well be noticeable when using it. It also ditches the Tiger and Snapdragon SoC for one made by Mediatek, which is slightly slower.

If you are looking to not just mount your tablet to a wall, but are also hoping to do anything productive with it, then perhaps the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Refresh is a suitable compromise. It features the more powerful Snapdragon 720G and has stylus support. The screen is still an LCD, but you do get decent quality stereo speakers on either side of it.

Pricier again, but with a larger screen, the Tab S7 FE gives you enough room to display multiple Home Assistant cards, without having to scroll once. Finally, the Samsung Tab S8+ is one of the finest Android tablets currently on the market, with an appropriate pricing. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and up to 16 GB of RAM, it couldn't be much more powerful than it already is. The screen has a crisp resolution of 1752 × 2800, giving it a density of ~266 PPI. It is also the only screen to not use LCD, but Super AMOLED technology. Combined with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and HDR10+, it would likely be the nicest looking screen your eyes have ever seen.

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