Samsung's discounted Galaxy Tabs are perfect for wall-mounting

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In the world of smart homes, the art of marrying form and function is paramount. With tablets serving as the orchestrators of our connected abodes, it's essential to find the ideal companion to adorn your walls and command your smart devices. Enter the Samsung family of discounted Tabs, each boasting its unique flair and capabilities. Join me, dear reader, as we embark on a journey through this diverse line-up, exploring the wonders and quirks that make each one a potential maestro for your smart home symphony.

The New Kid on the Block: Tab A8 10.5

Ah, the search for the perfect tablet to grace the walls of your smart abode! Samsung, the technological maestro, has quite the range of discounted Tabs that could make your smart home dreams come to life. The Samsung Tab A8 10.5, the newest addition to the family, boasting a 10.5-inch screen with a decent 1200×1920 resolution, powered by the Unisoc Tiger T618, and sporting Android 12. Alas, no OLED screen, but the LCD is more than capable of showcasing your Home Assistant Dashboard and camera feeds.

Last generation's gems

Now, let's stroll down memory lane to its older sibling, the Samsung Tab A7 10.4. Just a year its senior, the A7's performance is not far off. With a slightly smaller screen yet a higher resolution (1200×2000), this tablet widens its horizon with a 5:3 ratio. However, the Android 12 upgrade might be its last hurrah in terms of major updates.

Enter the 8.7-inch Samsung Tab A7 Lite, born after its namesake hit the shelves. Its screen is its Achilles' heel, with a mere 800×1340 resolution and a pixel density of 179 PPI. This little Lite swaps the Tiger and Snapdragon for a somewhat slower Mediatek SoC.

For those with a penchant for grandiosity, the Samsung Tab S7 FE offers ample real estate to display multiple Home Assistant cards in a single glance.

The Versatile Compromise: Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Refresh

Suppose productivity tickles your fancy while your tablet adorns the wall. In that case, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Refresh may just hit the sweet spot. Equipped with the robust Snapdragon 720G, stylus support, and an LCD screen flanked by stereo speakers, it's an alluring compromise.

The Crème de la Crème: Samsung Tab S8+

And for the connoisseurs of fine tablets, the pièce de résistance: the Samsung Tab S8+. Driven by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and up to 16 GB of RAM, this marvel dazzles with a Super AMOLED screen, 1752×2800 resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, and HDR10+. A veritable feast for the eyes, it's the cherry on top of your smart home experience.

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