Save More with Discounted SONOFF Smart Plugs: S40 and S31 Models

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A nuclear power plant.

In the effort to mitigate household energy consumption and its accompanying costs, the stealthy draw of standby power by various devices presents a challenge, albeit one that often goes unnoticed. Traditional methods, such as manually unplugging appliances, are far from convenient or sustainable. Addressing this issue, SONOFF introduces its discounted S40 Lite ZB and S31 Lite ZB smart plugs. These innovative devices not only promise to streamline energy management within the home by eliminating the need for manual unplugging, but also come at a more accessible price point. Seamlessly compatible with ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT, they offer a practical solution for reducing unnecessary energy consumption effortlessly.


Design and Features

Upon examination, the S40 Lite ZB and S31 Lite ZB share similar designs with slight differences. The S40 Lite ZB has a more refined appearance, though both plugs currently offer the same functionality, excluding power monitoring from their features.

Technical Insights

A closer look at the internals reveals distinct components. The S31 Lite ZB employs the Texas Instruments CC2530 chip, a reliable component within the Zigbee ecosystem, although it lacks native support for Zigbee 3.0. However, user comments suggest that it can function as a Zigbee Router.

The S40 Lite ZB, meanwhile, features the more powerful Texas Instruments CC2652P microcontroller, which not only supports Zigbee 3.0 but also Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy and Thread, potentially offering greater flexibility for future applications.

Future Prospects

The question whether SONOFF will introduce Thread support for the S40 Lite ZB through a firmware update remains open. While the future developments of these smart plugs are uncertain, their current capabilities offer a straightforward method for consumers to manage energy consumption more efficiently.

In summary, the SONOFF S40 Lite ZB and S31 Lite ZB smart plugs provide a utilitarian solution for those looking to minimize energy wastage in their homes. By integrating these devices, users can take a small but meaningful step towards reducing their energy footprint with a level of convenience that manual disconnection cannot match. This approach aligns with broader efforts to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in daily living.

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